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  • Susanne Heyse traductora i intèrpret
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Conference interpreting · Translation · Language courses
I offer interpreting and translating services in my working languages German, French, Spanish and Catalan as well as organising translation projects in other languages.

My range of services includes all kinds of interpreting: conference interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive), liaison interpreting and chuchotage. Frankfurt am Main is my base but I travel throughout Europe when required. I’m also at your disposal if you want to call by telephone or Skype with the assistance of an interpreter. I would be happy to advise you about which type of interpretation is best-suited to each case. Don’t hesitate to ask me for a quotation and for advice!

The situations in which I can assist you include international conferences and business meetings, business trips, launches, openings and presentations, training courses, trade fairs, factory visits and machine startups, among others. I can also accompany you to notaries, solicitors or law courts and before the authorities and help you to deal with bureaucracy by e-mail, telephone or personally. In the event that I can’t accompany you, I’ll be glad to help you find a colleague on the spot with the required language combination.

My translations cover all areas, but my specialist fields are the following:

Social sciences • Technology / Engineering • Tourism

I am authorised by the regional court of the Land of Hesse to issue sworn translations from Spanish to German and vice versa.

Revision and writing
The services I provide also include revising and writing documents.

An extensive background and wide experience mean I can provide quality, tailor-made language courses for companies and individuals. I can adapt such training to meet the specific requirements of each context and I believe in the lively use of language to foster learning.

If you would like to ask for a no-obligation estimate, you can do this conveniently using the form provided in the “Quotations” section.

I look forward to hearing from you!